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Gen Z is wild about an influencer named Jonny Meats. "Jonny Meats is my favorite superstar," says a high schooler vaping and crying in the City of Angels. "I love to watch Jonny Meats on my damn iPhone all day. I love how he plays rude tricks on Millennials. I 'mumble rap' about Percocet." Jonny Meats is known for his Twitch channel, where he streams classic, old school video games like Madden NFL 18 and talks incessantly.

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hey @garfiald if you ahve so much "clout" why dont you make a thread about how everyone should buy my book "When the Sun Opens" for the low price of 99 cents to support a lesbian author?

Pinned toot please buy my brand new short story collection! It's only 99 cents, it's new, and I think you'll probably like it! It's semi-autobiographical pieces, and all kinds of neat stuff happens. Tell your mom to buy it too.

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on minecraft talking to dick cheney about this whole trollian mod situation. wow.

I'm gonna write a self help book about how you should just do whatever you want as long as you're being excellent to others

Then i would say this is only partially because of your posts there are other things too

Not gonna name any names but some of you guys post in a way that makes me want to let myself into your place of residence via an open window and pelt you with gravel

Some people apparently are indecisive and shit but me? I don't even think with words. I exist in perma flow. Like I'm the tendy in this game of Life

Imagine not just doing whatever you want all the time

Did y'all know some people think before they do stuff??? Scary

pick your head up queen… your 4 ft long wizard hat is falling

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.