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me and @vriska are STARGAZER! our newest album, We Fight Together, came out a little while ago! you can listen to it on Spotify, or you can download the whole thing from Bandcamp!

we appreciate any support, whether it's through listens or if you decide to buy our album.

adapts a video game into a tabletop RPG format just for the fun of it

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I wish there was a mod that basically disabled the game map and added in map items. I want that realism....

I play Skyrim with realism mods so no fast traveling for me

Walks all the way down from the Throat of the World to Ivarstead... and my game crashed. Cool!

happy nonbinary day, Terezi Pyrope is nonbinary.

did not expect to be crying today but here I am

the last episode in Defunctland's Jim Henson series just kicked me in the HEART, FUCK

It baffles my mind that people can consistently lay down in bed and fall asleep within 15 minutes. I have never ONCE in my life been able to talk asleep that fast.

Waiting around to pass out....... damn you sleeping meds...

...yeah I can't untense my whole body, and taking my sleeping meds while like this will make it worse and probably make me hallucinate so yaaaay. staying up until the sun comes up I guess!

...tempted to pull an all nighter, my anxiety is totally shot...

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@terezi Skyrim DLC where it just lets you marry Serana challenge.

Vriska gets to make fun of me for being hopelessly attracted to Skyrim Serana and I get to make fun of her for her game overhaul that makes her die every time she gets in a fight

honestly, one of the best ways to have a long distance date night is just to play the same game together and make jokes about it over a voice call

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