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GeNdEr StUfF 

Good morning gore 

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The name will probably be somethin like the convair amateur radio experiment which is great because C.A.R.E.

Will you bastards help me with observatory names

Radio telescope names:
Ethnic Slur For White People

What i really need is low noise amplifiers and low frequency filters. Two of each.

Cool observatory names:
1.) Going Sicko Mode (GSM)

Im tryna think of cool names for my radio observatory

Humans are sooooooooooo not supposed to look like that

Honestly bodybuilding is scary. Nasty shit.

Cal is right they look like T H A T because they're super dehydrated. Utilitarian strength looks more like chub than anything else.

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Speaking of friends im so happy that i became friends with both silvan and redacted they're awesoke folks

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.