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:33 < L is for n3p3ta Luigi
:33 < O is for Ok sis, wig and t3a
:33 < V is V3ry V3ry l3sbi3nby ari3s
:33 < 3 is 3v3n m*r3 l*v3 in my h3art than y*u can st*r3

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:33 < i am going to start following a f3w p3opl3 but if m3w don't want m3 to follow m3w (i ch3ck dni's first but m3w could hav3 oth3r r3asons) f33l fr33 to just dm m3 a "pl3as3 don't follow m3" and i'll unfollow, no 3xplanation n33d3d!

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:33 < not3 for m3 to pin: i hav3 no r3al pronoun pr3f3r3nc3, sh3/h3r is a d3fault sugg3stion but i dont mind if you us3 oth3r things, just know i am l3sbian and my actual g3nd3r is non3 g3nd3r with fluctuating girl

:33 < *furc3s 3vfurr3tt to s3arch in kis gam3 fur miku figurin3s in th3 stor3s*

:33 < th3r3 are s3vfurral posts in th3 miku tag of miku figurin3s and wh3r3 th3y w3r3 found and i think th3y hav3 all b33n in plac3s that w3r3 includ3d in 3vfurr3tt's gam3

:33 < *r3m3mbpurrs th3 dr3am wh3r3 i dat3d miku* ahhh my g33f my g33f my g33f

:33 < ahhhh.... arashi narukami..... i blow h3r a kiss

food mention 

:33 < gam3 cub3 sound kind of sounds lik3 i click3d randomly in onlin3s3qu3nc3r and th3n just mad3 it work

:33 < furrick it, i am going to 3at and r3lax and if 3vfurr3t furronts again w3ll th3n ok

:33 < i am so d3spurrat3ly clinging on to furront now... this is it pals... 3vfurr3t is r3turning... if i switch out t3ll my spous3 roxy lalond3 that i lov3 him

:33 < gonna pull an andr3w hussi3 and marry my l3sbian pirat3 oc

:33 < *mak3s an oc* h3h h3h *sh3 turns out to just b3 a combination of various traits im attract3d to* h33 h33 h33 h33

:33 < ahh wom3n? wam3n? b3autiful pirat3 ladi3s? *pass3s out*

violence joke 

:33 < 3vfurr3t is 3xpurri3ncing an 3motion and that m3ans i must try 3xtra hard to k33p kim from just automatically taking ofur b3claws if i dont focus on furronting k3 can and will shov3 kis was into furront again

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