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kin list, 5/28/19 

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i see a rainbow and i go "wow colors very cool"

"hoes mad because hoes feel" hoessuggestion tumblr

sounds like something a mad hoe would say

one time i was roasting a friend and they said "ok homestuck" and i still aint recover. that shit hurted

the beatles: ahhhhhhhh JUDE ahhhhhhh
everyone: fucking superb.

im sure the beatles had some sort of impact on music but i have no clue what it was. like ive never heard any takes about them other than "theyre iconic" i have no clue why someone would think they were so impactful that they thought everyone forgetting the beatles would be a horrible tragedy

my brother (idiot): [likes the beatles]
me (smart): [likes the death grips]

the beatles just werent even good. they sucked wholly

real shit if u think sports are for cishets im so sorry that you live like that

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.