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gonna liveblog drakengard 3 (further posts will be cwed) bc kinnie bc

hey i’m at a con and todokaras is here

(heavy cw if you google that for like. so much. so much.)

FINALLY drawing someone other than pasha. this is serilda she’s trans she’s a lesbian and i love her dearly (not her normal outfit this is like, the future outfit)

scary car 

scary car 

scary car 

my only solace for today is the fact tumblr lost verizon/yahoo so much money

something is BUGGING my EYE like BANGS ON MY FOREHEAD LIKE MY HAIR but there’s nothing aaaaa

incoherent but that’s me

fun fact: i can id as trans and not do anything to my physical appearance (whether bc of choice or situation, both are valid) and still be a valid trans person who's worthy of respect

i love these bc it’s like

DONT be bad at art

DO be good at art

blood, uh gross eating? 

i want to draw my boy and work on outfits but instead i’m styling a wig bc i go to texas in four days. L

mom: i don’t think they should be executed

me: ok centrist

my mother, who has been buying me luggage and supplies for my trip to texas this week and also has always been violently antifascist:

calling alvin and the chipmunks war criminals lead to my mom nearly killing me for calling her a centrist

working on outfit concepts for ‘the skies were inked in sepia’ and man i wish i could draw the other characters as lovingly as pasha

obstagoon almost baby enough for me to get pokémon swsh. almost .

aaaand it's settled!! just 'the skies were inked in sepia.' thank u everyone

whooo wants to be the tie breaker it's split 50/50 n we got five minutes left

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