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hello everyone! i know it's been awhile since ive been active on mastodon, but im here to show you all that i am opening commissions!!! Please spread this if you can!!

oof im sorry I've mostly been active on tumblr lately

did you guys see the version where everyone spelled kung pow penis

i literally did not expect my tiny edit to get like 6k notes

i have a popular post on tumblr now but it's also really annoying bc a lot of trilllizard666's freaky fans were saying dumb shit in replies

anyone know any good app for mood tracking/diary/symptom tracking? i feel like having one would help me keep track of how I am.

Whatever happened to w 

@dizzy white boys punching walls rise up (/j)

tfw u read a bunch of stuff about a disorder and it sounds way way too close to what u experience all the time

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.