how can you say gamer oppression isn't real when i get asked to turn my deadpool shirt inside out every time i go to the doctor's office

I think Bin Shapiro is a more apt name, because everything that comes out of him is rubbish! #TheSarcasticSocialist #SarcasticSocialism #humor #lol #politicalhumor #funny #memes #snark

Join me as I continue to not have a clue what's going on...

free software is inherently socialist in nature

You can be proud to be part of this nonbinary community.

You can be proud of yourself, too, because this community is better with you as a member of it.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinarycommunity

unfair that babies have more bones than i do even though they are fucking tiny

:33 < imagine some dude slaps your gfโ€™s ass wyd? slap HIS ass dummy . commin sense

:3< imagine you smack someones ass & รพen รพere's a fucking explosion. it sounds like someone just fired a gun. like someone just cracked a whip. you realize it was someone who smacked your ass. your ass instantly went numb

in subway tooter i can just close everything except the make post button so i can feel like im feeding my posts to the void

today i saw somebody who i wanted to compliment because they were wearing a rainbow pin and other stuff but i never got the chance


The game Thief Simulator has a percentage on its loading screen but the percent goes to 99% almost immediately and then stays there for a couple minutes before finally loading

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.