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when will lucifer sweep me up in his arms and kiss me in front of the pope

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@cquad also if i like a vent post or posts with slurs i cant reclaim in it its in a supportive way!๐Ÿ’ž

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oh heads up im gonna try to get in the habit of adding /j to joke posts and /s to sarcasm but i might forget sometimes!

though maybe i could just like. dye all my fuzz EXCEPT that one lil triangle where its all fucked up and pass it off as an aesthetic thing,,,

hmm,,,,, im not entirely sure if i should dye the part of my head where i ripped out the hair.... its still pretty sparse and thin there so i wonder if using dye there would damage that area

when im freshly shaved i dont really like. my head gettign touched cause its kinda like velcro but after a few days it grows out just enough to become softer and nice

you know the sound that like, small pieces of wood (like wooden handles n stuff) make when that clank against each other? good noise

i really need to redo my buzzcut but first i wanna dye it,,,,

-holds my tummy rolls- ehehHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE

like. i think it mightve happened a few times but the two times i can remember rn was an irl friend i have/had(?) who's cool but too old for me + she apparantly has a boyfriend so. dating him would not happen anyway. and then i actually briefly had that with gamz but then i realised that circ's polyam which. is valid but i know from past experiences that i just cant handle that. so i translated it to platonic feels, ,,gfdjkkjgdfshghsffsfhd

theres been a few tiems where like. its been 'hey this person has attractive traits and i like them, maybe i could have a crush on them?' but then like. i just.... decide against it? because for x y z reasons it msot likely will lead to my own heartbreak so i just translate those feelings to intense platonic feelings??

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