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welcome to my sick and twisted mind

hello fools im here to beat your asses i - oh hang on *drinks ranch through my soda hat straw and does a backflip*

YEAH i shouldve just linked to first hrrhgb anywayz yeah optifine 1.14.3 IS officially out, tumblr didnt lie to me again

yall who are minecraftposting you can also get direct downloads of the newest optifine builds at the actual website which is probably safer than getting them through another link

HM. okay. im not very smart and i downloaded somethin called OPTIFABRIC, not OPTIFINE.

optifine for 1.14.3 is already out.....*tears up a lil*

i b like *develops dysphoria related to my mc skin*

cursed food pic? something that shouldnt be eaten 

@cabinetman you know what? i can lvie with that the music videos a trip but its good

@cabinetman lone digger just came on my mix you summoned it. You Brought It Forth

@cabinetman this post implies that its a bad skin which is wrong

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.