im still surprised that people didnt think nintendo was gonna do paid online. it was only a matter of time before they caved in, an every other console had paid online already, it's a miracle they lasted as long as they did
like yeah paid online is a bad thing but idk what you expected

chaos vs order is just ancoms vs tankies
so much for left solidarity, amirite?

friendly reminder that amazon workers are on strike today and tomorrow, so dont use amazon for those days
and try not to use amazon if you can help it in general

according to all known laws of physics, ink should not be able to bounce
bloblobbers, however, bounce ink anyways because they do not care what science thinks

disrespecting women is just a cheap trick to make weak games stronger

so 30000 people figured out they can storm a government facility and said government facility would be powerless to stop them and theyre not even gonna stage a coup?
friendly reminder that if you take over the government as a whole you get free access to area 51 and if you really wanna clap alien cheeks that bad there's only 1 way to do it

my mom wont stop laughing about wheatly calling you "fatty fatty no parents" because "thats literally the worst thing you could say to someone what the fuck"

yall need to learn the difference between F and L

maybe you should stand shirtless in the pouring rain and feel the cold water run down your back and then maybe you'll calm down

gamers, our only salvation from greedy game companies shall be through communism! rise up, you have nothing to lose but your paywalls!

Imagine not knowing how electricity is made? lol

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.