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Summer/junior year goals 

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This is the Scotchsystem acct! There are a few alters who might use their own accts but this is the mod acct and we'll try to check out our memos and any complaints! If youre wondering who's who for the alters! You can ask!

*openly sobs about this happy couple getting a second chance and seeing the world differently*

im crying one of my favorite channels just came back, cause the husband was in icu for 2 months im so emotional

Me explaining why I have 4000 words dedicated to evolution of tieflings:

If you even mention wanting to know about this I WILL loose my WHOLE mind

1 full subrace and a full item down. But I'm at work now so

if youre mean to your co players or Dm i come into your home and force you to buy weighted dice where you can only roll low

my player whos been an ass for the past 2 minutes: I wanna pet my horse
Me mad: Roll for it,
Him: ok...? *rattleing* 13?
me: you scare her back into the stall cause you moved to fast.

the only thing i do i show up to pizza hut and exist for 6 hours then go home and sit in a bathroom thinking about dnd lore while i lay in the basin of the tub

*shoving 3 pages of tiefling lore into my bag* ITS RECREATIONAL

*pan to me looking in the camera frowning while hiding 4 pages of homebrew basics*

*makes tieflings better* *makes some races more feral* *makes spells* *makes objects*

i know logically i SHOULDNT make homebrew stuff be apart of my first session but im not logical

he cute!!!! he's an asshole but hes just so pretty i cant stop lookig at him i'd risk being thrown a fair distance if it meant i could give him a smooch

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.