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i got it to fit in my bio but i had to delete everything else

ya im an alter & im fucking absolutely frantic. im mad-dog. im going wild, fucking insane. im a cyclepath. i wake up at 11:30 and drink flat mountain dew.yall actually chew your spaghetti? weak.pathetic.ugly. i swallow it down my slipery gullet like its nothing.i go to kung fu lessons on tuesday and saturday so i can kick your ass.i flung myself into a nyquil-induced 5-hour nap at 2pm and when i woke up i couldnt see so i went back to bed & when i woke up it was next week

cannot wait to fade out of existence and remerge into one untraumatized and normal being

how does having a 15 year old alter make you fake

LoVe DySpHoRiA iTs SuCh A fUn PaRtY gAmE
LaSt PeRsOn To LoSe ThE aBiLiTy To LoOk At ThEmSeLvEs In ThE mIrRoR LoSeS

and i definitely didnt cry about it for two hours

i am violent once i accidentally stepped on a snail

despite the fact that i am not in fact even remotely in charge

i have a license that just says big bitch in charge

singlets: i understand what a system is like
also singlets: so you go into a dissociative state and commit atrocities huh

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Skaia homestuck, but cooler.